Drums made of cheese are pretty Gouda

Believe it or not, these drums made of cheese sound EXACTLY like someone hitting blocks of cheese with drumsticks.

Well, what do you know … cheese drums. And all these years I’ve foolishly been playing drums made of inedible materials, like maple and birch. So many questions:

  • What happens if you’ve got mice under the stage?
  • What is the best mic for a giant kick-drum cheese wheel?
  • After the set, do you eat your drums with a nice, fruity dessert wine?
This is an art installation called Cheese Kit Diptych by artist Walter Willems. The drummer is Dutch improvisational jazz drummer Han Bennink. The crowd tries to get into it and whoop every now and then, but there’s only so much excitement you can create by relentless thumping on several hunks of cheese that really don’t make any kind of sound other than a dull, cheesy thud.


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